About Perception Sound

Perception Sound is a royalty free sound library database that focuses on providing practical, unique, difficult to access and quality sound recordings specifically for sound editorial and design for movies, television, video games, and any type of sound and moving picture synchronization. 

The main purpose of this company is to create something that could make the search for quality sound recordings easy. This includes recordings of practical sound effects and backgrounds / atmospheres that exhibit a clean approach of recording and mastering, free from unwanted noise and free from over processed effects. 


My Goal

What is demonstrated on this website so far is just the beginning. Eventually, I would like to build a map. A map of sound; starting with different locations in America, then traveling from country to country recording sounds that create the life of every location. These are not only going to be sounds of cities, but also sounds of nature; every aspect that makes our planet unique. There will be no limitations. I will do what ever it takes to find sounds that are useful and unique for sound design and editorial. Recording the frozen tundras of Canada to the depths of the Amazon to the streets of Europe. I will always be recording with the focus of being able to use these sounds for sound editorial and design for movies, television, video games, and truly... anything.


Who I Am

Perception Sound was founded by Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer, Chris Diebold. My approach to recording these libraries comes from my experiences as a sound editor through the years. I have found that recording is a great way to get the quality sounds that are needed to creatively tell a specific movie's story. Obviously every project does not have the time or budget to allow for field recording. My hope is to create an avenue for sound editors to search for the sounds that they need that are not easily accessible.